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Dr. Christopher

Quick Colon Bundle

Quick Colon Bundle

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Dr. Christopher’s Quick Colon #1 and #2 products. One product is capsules and the other is a charcoal powder. This is an incredibly effective colon cleanse for removing plaque from the intestines and I recommend this colon cleanse for people that have never done a colon cleanse. The Dr. Christopher’s colon cleanse does not cause liquid bowel movements. You are more likely to eliminate tar like strips of plaque from the colon.

Quick Colon #1: A synergistic blend of herbs to help clear the bowel of toxic waste, encourage normal bowel function and support the intestinal system. 100 Capsules

Quick Colon #2: This product was designed to follow the Quick Colon Formula Part 1. After the initial cleansing the follow up with this product aids in the elimination of the buildup in the lower bowels. Dr. Christopher believed that most diseases started with the accumulation of impurities in the lower bowel. 8 OZ Powder


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