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Silver Soultions

Ionic Silver Small, 8 oz with Pump

Ionic Silver Small, 8 oz with Pump

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Ionic Silver is a safe, non-toxic antimicrobial product that can help prevent infection, decrease healing time, and decrease scarring. Our product does not sting, burn, or stain, and has almost no taste.Ionic silver cannot build up in the body and is processed out in about two hours. People have used silver as a disinfectant for thousands of years. Modern technology allows ionic silver to be even more effective today than it was for the ancient Greeks. We believe in keeping it simple. We make only one product, a crystal clear solution of distilled water and 6ppm silver ions. Our manufacturing process comes from the same scientist who developed silver ion generators for NASA to use on the Apollo and Space Shuttle missions to keep water free of pathogens.


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