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Gwen Foster ND, DNM

Hanna 1

Hanna 1

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Friday - Sunday June 9, 10, 11 

10 AM - 6 PM CST 


You will need Hanna's Help One Another Book and a Pendulum for these courses. This can be purchased for a discounted rate of $65 and should be ordered at least one week in advance of the course.


Basics of Dowsing

Dowsing Exercises - Measuring Energy Using a Fan Chart

Dowsing – Thumb & Index Finger Method

Hanna’s 7 Physical Causes of Ill Health – Neglect, Trauma, Congestion, Environmental Toxins, Parasites, Infection , Miasms & Vaccine Residue

How to Take Herbal & Vibropathic Remedies

What Does Vibropathic Mean? What to Expect with Vibropathics.

Remedy Planner

Herbs to Avoid During Pregnancy

7 Steps to Cleanse the Body

MSG Toxicity

Herbal Remedies

Psychometric Readings

Help One Another Test



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