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C60 MCT Oil

C60 MCT Oil

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As the nation’s largest manufacturer and supplier of Carbon 60, we’ve proudly produced a 150ML C60 in MCT package in a BPA-Free bottle. Our MCT product uses the purest form of C60 for Human consumption (ESS60), and is produced with the highest quality Organic MCT oil 100% derived from highly refined coconut oil. ( not Palm Oil) We are excited to manufacture and sell the best C60 in MCT oil on the market. But we must share with you what other manufacturers are not sharing. Since we are a research company delivering products to research institutions around the world since 1991 we always start with the facts.

Fact: MCT holds considerably less ESS60 than olive oil; about ~.35 mg/ml instead of ~.8 mg/ml
If you want to consume the same amount of ESS60 (C60) then you need to take 60% more or our MCT product than of our Olive Oil product


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